Point of Progression

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WEEKS 4-5:  intensive quantum hypnosis


Astrology and Enneagram consultation accelerate you toward Intensive Quantum Hypnosis.

Intensive quantum Hypnosis

Intensive Quantum Hypnosis

Lauren Hall

There is a process of self-progression within the subconscious.


Within us exists endless potentials. When you’re ready for more, I will use hypnosis in its highest form to advance your story. 


Any story can be written.  Any element edited or improved.  Allow my innate sensitivity and scientific understanding of hypnosis to support you in the development of opportunity. 


Intensive Quantum Hypnosis will establish an evolved perspective for your most rewarding endeavors.  I'm Lauren Hall, owner of Modern Day Hypnosis. 


luke baker

There are patterns that can be measured and observed through astrology, accelerating your personal success.


Time moves ever forward.  With Astrology, we can see the map and move with a greater sense of clarity.


The intellect and compassion in observing your patterns maximizes alignment to opportunity.

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Mohammed refaat

Growth is an ability to observe ourselves and deduce lessons. If you don't know what to look for, you won't see it. 


The beauty and power of the Enneagram is that it is an integral model with several layers; it can take you as high into your elevated states as you wish to go. 


You will be assisted in integrating the tools available from each Type, while transcending any fixation of your main Type. 

Point of Progression