Point of Progression

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WEEKS 4-5:  intensive quantum hypnosis


Astrology and Enneagram consultations begin a momentum, accelerating you towards your Intensive Quantum Hypnosis sessions.

Intensive quantum hypnosis

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Intensive Quantum Hypnosis

hello, I'm Lauren hall

There is a process of self progression within the subconscious. Within us exists endless potentials. When you’re ready for more, I will use hypnosis in its highest form to advance your story. 


Any story can be written.  Any element edited or improved.  Allow my innate sensitivity and scientific understandings of the subconscious to support you in developing unrealized opportunity. 


Intensive Quantum Hypnosis will establish an evolved perspective for your most rewarding endeavors.  I'm Lauren Hall, owner of Modern Day Hypnosis. 


astrological consultation

luke baker

There are patterns that can be measured through astrology, providing the blueprint of your success.


Time moves ever forward.  With Astrology, we can see the map and move with a greater sense of clarity, increasing results.


Luke’s intellect and compassion in observing your patterns maximizes alignment with opportunity.

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Enneagram Integration


Mohammed refaat

Growth is an ability to observe ourselves and deduce lessons. If you don't know what to look for, you won't see it. 


The beauty and power of the Enneagram is that it is an integral model with several layers; it can take you as high into your elevated states as you wish to go. 


Mohamed will assist you in integrating the tools available from each Type while transcending any fixation of your main Type. 


When someone hears the word hypnosis the first thing that comes to mind for most is a stage performer with a pocket watch chanting “You are getting sleepy” as the watch swings back and forth like a pendulum.

While this is a technique of hypnotic induction, it is portrayed as more of an occult party trick than an actual empowerment process. In order to better understand the opportunities of hypnosis it is important to understand its origins. 

Hypnosis was the earliest form of psychological therapy and is as old as civilization itself dating back to ancient times with the Greeks and Egyptians. Hypnosis is also mentioned in both early Chinese and Hindu writings as early as 2600 BC.

The word Hypnosis was actually derived from the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos. In ancient Egypt hypnosis was used to cure both mental and physical illness and was widely regarded as one of the most effective treatments when administered by a trained hypnotist.

Fast forward a few millennia to modern times and in the 18th century Franz Mesmer, who is known as the father of modern hypnosis, begins treating people with hypnosis in Europe. Unfortunately his research and findings were beyond what the masses would accept at the time and his findings were discredited. His research and techniques persisted however and to this day hypnosis is still being used to unlock mental potentials and treat diseases and mental illnesses that modern medicine can only mask.

As people begin to rediscover the benefits of hypnosis it has once again entered the spotlight as a viable solution for mental blocks and achieving goals. 


During hypnosis a trained hypnotherapist will induce a trancelike state on a willing patient using repetition and suggestion. This trancelike state is similar to falling asleep, although the patient remains in control and aware of what is going on. Think of it like being awake but not actively thinking, just experiencing through the senses. 

The hypnotherapist is not actually speaking to your conscious mind that recognizes thoughts, images, and sounds, but rather to your subconscious. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that runs all of the background functions of your body like blinking, breathing, beating your heart, etc. 

An example to understand the two better: your conscious mind thinks, "raise my arm" and the subconscious is responsible for actuating all of the muscles to raise your arm. The limitations of the mind are apparent in the sense that you don’t actually understand how you lift your arm, you just think raise my arm and your arm raises.

By speaking directly to the subconscious, the hypnotherapist is able to connect with the part of you that does understand how to raise your arm. This is also the same part of you that understands how to heal your body, how to process trauma, and how to navigate mental blocks formed by the conscious mind’s limitations. In this light, it becomes apparent that bypassing the conscious mind to speak with the unconscious is effective for achieving desired results without having to consciously understand how it is done. 


J.P. Morgan has become a household name across the western world and everyone seems to have their own opinion of him. It is no secret that John Pierpont Morgan was one of the wealthiest men ever to live and while he himself was not an astrologer, he did see one regularly. 

J.P. Morgan was famously quoted saying “millionaires don't need astrologers, but billionaires do.”
In the later part of his life J.P. Morgan spent a tremendous amount of time and money studying the ancient world in Egypt as well as their many practices.

Morgan began to understand that while a few million dollars can allow a family to live comfortably, several billion can alter the course of the world for generations to come. 

Morgan was drawn to Astrology later in his life while seeking purpose. He understood the power he wielded and when he discovered there was a natural order to growth and evolution, he thrust himself down the path of acquiring knowledge of this ancient art form. 

While Morgan never spoke about his interests and understandings of Astrology publicly, it is well documented that in his later life he consulted with an astrologer regularly. In a time where occult practices were misunderstood and frowned upon by a polarized population, one of the most educated and wealthiest men of the time researching and utilizing Astrology is enough to raise an eyebrow.


Many people tend to confuse Astronomy and Astrology or believe them to be synonymous. While they are similar in turning our attention upward to the stars, they have their differences. Astronomy is the study of objects outside the earth's atmosphere and of their physical functions and properties. Astrology is defined as the divination of the supposed connection of those functions to human affairs and terrestrial events.  

While Astronomy is regarded as more of a science and geared toward studying physical properties and movements of the stars and planets, Astrology can be seen as more of an observation of the correspondence between those recurring patterns and life on earth.

With the discovery of mathematics it became apparent early on that there is order among the chaos of the material universe and that everything is connected. 

Astrology is another such modality that has been shown to be in use in any civilization we have historical record or artifact for.

In current scientific study, when we zoom all the way in and examine physical matter we find repeating patterns of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Zoom out a bit and you notice patterns repeating in human behavior around the planet. Zoom out even further and you begin to notice patterns repeating within our solar system in regards to the movements of the planets to one another. 

Astrology studies how these patterns influence world and individual events and allows skilled astrologers to observe with subtlety and nuance the nature of these patterns as we use our own choices, decisions, and actions to navigate them. Allow yourself to explore the subject with an open mind and your own conclusions may shock you.

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